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  • Stephen Newman

    I would like to know the status of previous user requests regarding the changing the default naming convention for Placemarks: "Placemark #". Is there a plan to allow users to customize the default text? For example, I would like to remove spaces from the default name, and shorten it to Wpt_<#>.

    Additionally, I would like to control the number or characters used for the numbering of waypoints. As you probably know, sorting placemarks in ArcGIS tables can be problamatic if the numbering starts at 1, and not at 001 or 0001, etc. For example, sorting values 1-10 would result in the following order: 1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

    In summary, if we could select the default text *and* the default numbering convention (01, 001, 001 etc.), it would greatly simplify the digestion of placemarks in ArcGIS.  Thank you!


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  • Kate

    Hi Stephen, 

    We do have those requests filed with our development team and they are being reviewed.  As of right now, they have not been scheduled for a release but they do remain on our radar to implement in the future.  I have added your information to the open requests we have so that when we do implement the feature we can let you know!

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  • Paula Redinger

    How do you move an existing placemark to a new layer? I just lost a beloved placemark in trying to do so. *poof* it disappeared. :-(

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  • Xavier

    Hello Paula, 

    If you are trying to move your placemarks or any other features I would recommend looking at these articles:

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