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  • Shingo Miura

    I have a question about products summary.

    I understand that download is amounts of download.

    What means is purchase?

    all my map is free, but purchase records are not "0".


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  • Kate

    Hi Shingo,


    Thank you for your comment. Purchases refer to the number of times the map was "purchased" (the initial download process that links a map to the map store account/device).  This purchase process happens regardless of whether the map is free or has a cost associated with it.


    Downloads refer to the number of times the map has been downloaded.  This number is often higher than the Purchase number, as each record will have a single Purchase record, but can be downloaded numerous times on the Map Store Account (the map is deleted from the device and redownloaded for example).  


    I hope this helps clarify things, but please let me know if you have further questions and I'd be happy to help!

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