Auto turn off tracking when speed >= X. I forget to turn off tracking and leave in car ruining my miles tracked



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    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your thoughts and post, it is appreciated.

    We do have a Feature Request on this - "Turn tracking off automatically when user reaches specified speed". If you would like to be added to the feature request please us know by reaching out via

    Thank you!


    Avenza Support

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  • Andrew Ferguson

    I have struggled with this ever since I moved away from using a dedicated gps device. For that, I would simply turn the device off at the end of a hike. The challenge with a phone is that you do not turn that off, so extra steps are involved other than pressing an on/off button.

    The potential issue I see with this request is that given that gps signals can be iffy at times, it may be difficult to implement. Perhaps if there were a speed/time threshold, like speed over X for Y samples (time).

    My solution at this time is to recite some simple phrase like "stop the track when I get to the car" several times at different points in my hike. Silly, but it has helped.

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