"Failed to process" attempting to import larger map on Android


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    Hi Winn,

    Thank you for your post! Map files should be no larger than 10,000 pixels in either width or height. Avenza Maps is designed to work best with larger paper map print sizes, however, anything over 10,000 pixels can cause processing issues, and lead to issues on user devices.

    The map may be able to process if there is more storage space and RAM, free space and RAM to process the map in the app. For example maps you no longer need can be deleted and reimported if needed, or purchased maps can be deleted to be redownloaded later. For more information the following link is offered to guide you - https://support.avenzamaps.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034714392-Importing-maps-from-custom-locations.

    Thank you!

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