Ability to track cellular reception while recording GPS tracks



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    Hi Royce,

    Thank you for post/feature request. 

    Before filing this feature request, more details would be appreciated. For example in terms of workflow and benefit, we would like to know how the addition of this feature improves your workflow and app experience. This helps to ensure that if this feature is added to the app, it is as you expected to look and engage with. Please let me know, and let me know if you have any other questions.



    Avenza Support

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  • Royce Wintermute

    Thank you Edgar. This could potentially work similarly to the record gps tracks feature. As you move around the map, a line is left behind you. This line changes color as your cellular reception signal changes. Green for full signal, yellow for some signal, and red for no signal. This would allow you to plot on your map where you have cellular reception. The app would simply pull the signal strength data from the phone as you move around.

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