Switching from one map to another in a collection


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  • Chelsea

    Hello Trevin,
    Thank you for your interest in Avenza Maps!
    If you have the folder your maps are in set to a 'Collection' the app should automatically switch between maps in that collection when you traverse map boundaries. However, as to why its taking several minutes/miles for this to happen, the Iowa Dot maps have a significant amount of white space around each map, along with the map collars/white borders, which is also georeferenced. With these maps, it is highly likely you have to travel far enough across the white space and potentially the border of one map, and onto the next before the app registers that you are on a different map, and shifts over automatically. On maps with no or very small collars, the app does register the change right away and shifts over to the appropriate map. There are many free maps in our Map Store, that may work better for your required purpose. If you would like help finding ones that would be suitable, or if you have further questions, please reach out to support@avenza.com and we'd be happy to assist! 

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