Can I transfer custom maps between devices?




  • Nick Arnett

    These instructions are no longer valid. The user interface has completely changed and for the life of me I cannot see how to Airdrop maps any more. Not a great start to fire season.

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  • Edgar

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for your post, it is appreciated! 

    We are aware of an issue where maps cannot be AirDropped unless there is a layer present. We are working on getting this fixed as soon as possible.

    In the interim, if you can add a layer to the map that you are trying to AirDrop, you should then see the AirDrop export option show up.  You do not need to select the layer to export, it's just required to get the export button to become enabled.

    In terms of steps To AirDrop from the Map View (on an opened map) you can by tapping the Layer icon (looks like 3 layers sandwiched together where the previous and pin and 3 line icon was), followed by tapping on the export icon in the pop-up of the Map Layers . You will then be able to select "AirDrop" and continue from there. 
    We are aiming to update the images and overall article today, or in the coming days. The process is still the the same, but with icon changes. Thank you.


    Avenza Support

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